Eric DeWilde

Program Manager / Engineering Manager / Product Engineer

Driving Product Development Programs to Completion, On-Time and On-Budget
Aggressive Cost Reduction of Existing Product Lines Using Experience and Technology
Developing and Implementing New Procedures to Improve Company Performance
Leadership of Engineering and Project Teams with Budget and Management Responsibilities

My success as a program manager, engineering manager and product engineer is attributable to my ability to seize opportunities and capitalize on resources to develop new products and direct company processes. My background in multiple technologies and market segments allow me to bring new tools and processes to bear on corporate challenges. Decisive leader in the areas of product development, program management, organizational development including staff development, strategic planning and procedure development. Past experience includes positions as design and product engineer; engineering manager; chief engineer and director of research and development with increasing responsibility. Willing to relocate for the right position.

Program Management

The key to program management is the vision to see a product from concept to completion. I have been fortunate to bring a number of programs through this process, on time and on budget. From meeting with customers to develop product specifications; developing the budget and project schedule; assembling the project team; there is great joy in seeing that first piece move off the end of the production line, knowing that you were able to marshal all the resources necessary to make that event happen. The greatest impact from my MBA has been to improve my ability to communicate and work with all functional areas within a company. Assembling the resources required for program success depends on being able to speak to each functional area in their own language.

Engineering Management

Managing groups of engineers is certainly a challenge not often covered in MBA programs. Personalities, work styles, budgeting and setting personal and professional goals in an engineering environment require a specific set of skills. Because of my background, I have been able to work with all my engineer associates, challenging and teaching them to meet and exceed, not only company expectations, but also their own.

Product Engineering

Making significant improvements in existing products and procedures is often a matter of looking from a different perspective. I have been able to use knowledge earned in one industry to improve products and procedures in a different one. When all you have is a hammer, all problems look like nails. My time in a wide assortment of industries and company sizes and styles has given me a fuller tool kit, allowing me to bring the appropriate tool to bear as problems present themselves.

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